Think About Yourself

How Your Brain Works

Neuroscience has opened up our understanding of how the brain works. The pre-frontal cortex is where we solve problems, make decisions, memorise, remember and manage our emotions.  This part of the brain gets tired quickly so it is important to understand how and when we should use it

Managing Your Mind

When it senses threat our amydala takes energy away from our prefrontal cortex and gets us ready for fight, flight or freeze. Helpful against lions but in business it can mean that we lose the power of our thinking just when it is most needed. It is important to understand how to manage the threat and regain our ability to think

Investing in Your Instincts

To be successful we need to gain mastery in our area of business in order to be instintively drawn towards great decisions and the best solutions. It is important to understand how we build and retain that mastery and how we can keep our senses tuned to achieving our goals